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New ESP release on Epilogue Records / EPI Masterworks

I am pleased to announce the release of the compilation CD Celtic Shores 2.  Celtic Shores 2 is being released by Epilogue Records/EPI Masterworks which was established in 1964 as a sister label to Capital Records.  Included on this album is my song Daughter Song which includes a guest appearance on piano by my youngest daughter Kaitlyn Porter. 

The proceeds from this album will help fund a scholarship program providing music education and training for children whose parents cannot afford the training on their own. These children who are in foster care and from single parent, low income, or impoverished families have exceptional potential and will succeed in the music world if given an opportunity to use their talents.  New England Talent, a non-profit corporation, has been helping these children in the music arts for over 22 years.

If you would like to help support this endeavor, you can click on this banner to find out about purchasing it.

So far, sells of the album for charity are going well.  Dr. Dean, CEO of Epilogue Records reported on January 30th that:

As of today “Celtic Shores 2” is #14 of 15,781 CDs in North America and thats counting all genres of music including Rock according to C-Net TV. It has risen to that spot in nine days and in consumer rating it rates 4-1/2 stars over Janet Jacksons 4 stars.  It’s popularity is equal to Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake’s rating who has been on the charts for 16 months.  How about that?  You made it happen!

I am very happy to be a part of this project.  I was humbled by Dr. Dean when he wrote to my daughter and I and said:

Eric & Kaitlyn,
    Thank you together for composing and playing one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I sat listening to Daughter Song you sent with great emotion filling my soul. I wept, not from sadness but a great feeling of love and devotion.  I just thought you would like to know.

I hope you will consider supporting this project, telling your friends about it, and perhaps leaving a review on amazon.com.


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